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Service Stations

Our team regularly prepare Traffic Impact Assessments for service station developments. This has included smaller service stations with associated convenience shops to larger service centres which include a range of fast food and retail components, car wash, and truck facilities. We have recently provided expert witness representation at VCAT to support these developments.  Service stations located on arterial roads require careful consideration of the access design and turning facilities and our team have the design experience and connections with key road authorities to provide a successful outcome for our clients.


Traffic Impact Assessments for service station developments
Road planning in Melbourne viewed from the sky

Orange Subdivision

Amber has recently undertaken a traffic modelling exercise to assess the potential traffic impacts of a 700-lot subdivision in North Orange. The proposal forms part of an amendment to the LEP and utilised the Orange Strategic Traffic Model as a base to determine the required road upgrades for the project. The subdivision and associated internal roads represent a significant change to the traffic distribution in the area. Our team have extensive experience preparing Traffic Impact Assessments for subdivision projects and regularly work with Council’s and road authorities as part of our assessment to ensure a smooth application process.


Tarneit Marketplace

Amber prepared a Traffic Impact Assessment for the Tarneit Marketplace which involves the construction of a local shopping centre within the new subdivision in Riverdale. The centre provides a supermarket and a mixture of retail and office tenancies. Amber prepared a design assessment and associated swept path diagrams, determined the parking demand of the site, and reviewed the traffic impacts of the proposal. We pride ourselves in working with the overall project team to achieve a great design outcome.


Traffic Impact Assessment for the Tarneit Marketplace created by Amber
Traffic Impact Assessment for Middlebrook Solar Farm prepared by Amber

Middlebrook Solar Farm

Amber has recently completed a Traffic Impact Assessment for the 500MW Middlebrook Solar Farm, which is one of the largest solar farms in the country. The project involved extensive consultation with the relevant road authorities in order to gain prior approval for the proposed access arrangements of the site. Amber prepared concept designs for intersection upgrades and conducted a review of the traffic impacts of the proposal on the surrounding road network. This continues are extensive involvement in the renewable energy sector.


Winterbourne Wind Farm

The Winterbourne Wind Farm is one of Australia’s largest wind farm projects in NSW. Amber was engaged as the traffic engineering consultants for the project to assess the access route for large plant and prepare a Traffic Impact Assessment. Key tasks included; engaging with the road authorities, traffic analysis, intersection and pavement design, and a road safety assessment. Wind farm projects provide challenging engineering problems due to the significant increase in traffic during construction and the delivery of the 80+ metre long turbine blades from the chosen delivery port. We are proud to be involved in another renewable energy project.


Winterbourne Wind Farm traffic impact assessment and traffic engineering consulting services
Traffic engineering services offered to hampton development

Hampton Mixed Use Development

Amber has provided traffic engineering services for a new mixed use developed in Hampton that proposes to construct a ground floor café and residential apartments. Car parking is proposed within a car stacker system, and through our relationship with the car stacker companies and our experience with similar projects we have been able to deliver a compact car park layout to minimise the impact to the overall floor layout. The project also proposes a significant parking reduction which has been supported as part of our preparation of a Traffic Impact


O’Dell Street Subdivision

One of our recent subdivision projects is the 105-lot subdivision in Vineyard. Amber prepared several traffic assessments for the various stages of the project and provided traffic engineering advice to support a variation to the Indicative Layout Plan. We also conducted a review of the traffic and parking aspects of the proposal. This forms one of the many subdivision projects we have been involved with in the growth precincts.


Traffic assessments and traffic engineering advice for lot subdivision
Traffic enginnering and residential work on Moonee Ponds - Amber Org

Moonee Ponds Residential

Amber was represented by Michael Willson who presented expert evidence to VCAT for a residential development in Moonee Ponds. Key traffic matters related to the resident car parking reduction, increased traffic generation, and the overall car parking design. The project has subsequently been granted approval by VCAT. 

Keilor Showroom & Workshop

We have been able to assist our client to gain approval for a car showroom and workshop in Keilor. The development expands on the existing workshop on-site which created a number of challenging issues regarding car parking provision and design, and facilitating loading on-site for the different uses. Amber prepared a Traffic Impact Assessment and a Car Park Management Plan for the site to facilitate the operation of the development. Through consultation with Council we were able to achieve an innovative solution for our client in order to meet their operational needs.


Traffic Impact Assessment and a Car Park Management Plan for Keilor prepapred by Amber Organisation
Traffic Assessment at the Dandenong Function Centre prepared by Amber Org

Dandenong Function Centre

We have recently been involved in a number of function centres, including this recent project in Dandenong South. Amber was engaged to provide a Traffic Assessment to significantly increase the patron capacity at the centre. Through detailed parking and interview surveys at the site we were able to almost double the permitted number of patrons by better utilising the parking availability on-site and within the surrounding area.

Williamstown North Warehouses

Amber has recently completed a number of warehouse developments within a new industrial subdivision located in Williamstown North. Through our collection of data for similar developments we understand that the warehouse parking rates outlined within the Planning Scheme are overly onerous for smaller warehouse tenancies. We have extensive experience throughout Victoria justifying a reduction in the Planning Scheme parking requirements. We also understand the heavy vehicle requirements for these projects and can assist in designing the loading areas to reduce the truck manoeuvre area, increasing your building footprint.


Warehouse parking assessment services

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