Traffic Assessments

As part of a development application a Traffic Impact Assessment Report is often required to support the project submission. We specialise in preparation of these documents and reviewing the traffic and transport implications of a wide variety of projects. As part of the preparation of these documents we will typically undertake the following tasks:

  • Undertake a site inspection;
  • Commission traffic and parking surveys of the area;
  • Liaise with the relevant road authorities;
  • Conduct a review of the car parking and access arrangements against relevant standards;
  • Prepare a swept path assessment using the latest computer software;
  • Provide advice regarding the parking provision;
  • Calculate the traffic generation of the site;
  • Conduct a traffic modelling exercise to determine the impact of the traffic generated;
  • Review the service vehicle and waste collection arrangements; and
  • Provide advice regarding pedestrian and cyclist facilities.


We’ve worked on a variety of Traffic Assessment projects, including:

Residential, Retail, Child care, Industrial/Warehouse, Shopping Centres, Aged Care, Fast Food, Function Centres, Service Stations, Schools, Supermarkets, Place of Worship, Sports Centres, Subdivisions, Billboards.

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