Cyclist Safety During Temporary Traffic Management

12 Apr, 2024
In a constrained urban environment with growing construction needs and associated temporary traffic management, ensuring the safety of cyclists is paramount. Cyclists face heightened risks during events or construction that alter road conditions. Prioritising their safety requires specific considerations and proactive measures.

Bike rider’s vulnerability on roads is well-documented. The absence of protective barriers exposes them to accidents and injuries, a risk exacerbated by temporary traffic management. Neglecting cyclist safety not only compromises the effectiveness of traffic management efforts but also poses legal and ethical challenges for authorities tasked with safeguarding all road users.

To address these concerns, practical strategies must be implemented. Keeping bicycle lanes clear of signage and obstacles is crucial, ensuring unobstructed passage for cyclists. By designating clear paths, authorities can enhance safety while promoting convenient access for bike riders.

Providing cyclists with safe and well-marked alternative routes is essential. By guiding bike riders away from hazardous areas, authorities can mitigate risks while minimising disruptions to their travel plans. Clear communication of these alternative routes is key, ensuring that riders can navigate confidently and safely.

Where diversions are not possible in constrained environments, other safety measures such as segregation and traffic control must be considered. The Department of Transport and Planning (DTP) in Victoria has recently started a project to improve safety for vulnerable road users near construction sites. This involves are range of measures from improved driver training, truck safety features and new requirements for construction contractors. More information is available at their website.

In conclusion, prioritising cyclist safety during temporary traffic management is essential for fostering an inclusive and secure transportation environment. Through proactive planning and collaboration, including projects like that being undertaken by DTP, a safe transportation network can be provided for all users with construction activities.

Written by Tom Dwyer - Associate

Written by Tom Dwyer - Associate

I’m passionate about the way people live and experience transport around our towns and cities. I’m lucky to have experience across the local government and private sectors which means that I’ve been involved as both a subject matter expert in the planning and design of projects, as well as delivery on the ground. I’m most proud of projects that have improved the safety and liveability of local transport infrastructure, particularly those that have involved collaboration with other technical experts and community members. Projects that have a beneficial impact on people's lived experiences motivate and fuel my ever-growing interest in this profession.
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