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Traffic Assessments

As part of a development application a Traffic Impact Assessment Report is often required to support the project submission. We specialise in preparation of these documents and reviewing the traffic and transport implications of a wide variety of projects. As part of the preparation of these documents we will typically undertake the following tasks:  

  • Undertake a site inspection;
  • Commission traffic and parking surveys of the area;
  • Liaise with the relevant road authorities;
  • Conduct a review of the car parking and access arrangements against relevant standards;
  • Prepare a swept path assessment using the latest computer software;
  • Provide advice regarding the parking provision;
  • Calculate the traffic generation of the site;
  • Conduct a traffic modelling exercise to determine the impact of the traffic generated;
  • Review the service vehicle and waste collection arrangements; and
  • Provide advice regarding pedestrian and cyclist facilities. 
We’ve worked on a variety of Traffic Assessment projects, including: Residential, Retail, Child care, Industrial/Warehouse, Shopping Centres, Aged Care, Fast Food, Function Centres, Service Stations, Schools, Supermarkets, Place of Worship, Sports Centres, Subdivisions, Billboards.
Traffic impact assessment prepared by Amber Org
Traffic assessment in Melbourne, Australia

Traffic Assessments

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Traffic Assessments

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