Traffic Assessments

A Traffic Impact Assessment is often required to support development applications. We have reviewed the traffic and transport implications of a wide variety of projects and specialise in the preparation of these documents. The process typically involves:

• Undertaking a site inspection;
• Commissioning traffic and parking surveys of the area;
• Liaising with the relevant road authorities;
• Conducting a review of the car parking and access arrangements against relevant standards;
• Preparing swept path assessments using the latest computer software;
• Providing advice regarding the provision and design of parking;
• Calculating the traffic generation of the site;
• Carrying out traffic modelling using SIDRA to assess the impacts of the traffic generated by the site;
• Reviewing the service vehicle and waste collection arrangements; and
• Providing advice regarding pedestrian and cyclist facilities.

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Drouin Childcare Centre

Amber Organisation staff prepare a Traffic Impact Assessment for the 118 place childcare centre located in regional Victoria. Key considerations included the provision of car parking against the requirements of the Planning Scheme and the design of the car park to ensure it operates in a safe and efficient manner. Our Director also provided expert witness services to VCAT to support the development.

Land and Housing Corporation

LAHC is working to redevelop and transform the former Claymore and Airds Bradbury social housing estates in Campbelltown. Amber has prepared a number of Traffic Impact Assessments within these concept plans, including an assessment of the various stages of the subdivision and assessments of individual seniors living buildings. The assessments require careful consideration of the changes to the surrounding transport network and active transport facilities to ensure the developments create a well-connected street network. We provide design advice and prepared swept path diagrams for the car park layouts to ensure they are suitably designed for the end user. We are proud to work on social housing projects supporting some of the most vulnerable people in our community.

Huntlee Self-Storage Unit

Our team prepared a Traffic Impact Assessment for the large self-storage unit in Huntlee. We utilised our existing survey data for similar developments and worked with our client to determine a suitable parking provision for the site. We prepared swept path diagrams and reviewed the access arrangements for the development to ensure vehicles are able to safely enter and exit the site and access the loading areas.

Maidstone Tram Depot

Amber has recently provided specialist traffic engineering services for the Department of Transport tram depot in Maidstone. We regularly partner with large multi-disciplinary engineering companies to provide dedicated traffic engineering advice and assessments. The project involved the construction of a tram depot and other government services on the site and extension of the existing tram line. Our team prepared detailed traffic models to assess the impacts of the new tram line on the operation of the nearby intersections and provided advice in relation to the access designs for the site.

Winterbourne Wind Farm

The Winterbourne Wind Farm is one of Australia’s largest wind farm projects in NSW. Amber was engaged as the traffic engineering consultants for the project to assess the access route for large plant and prepare a Traffic Impact Assessment. Key tasks included; engaging with the road authorities, traffic analysis, intersection and pavement design, and a road safety assessment. Wind farm projects provide challenging engineering problems due to the significant increase in traffic during construction and the delivery of the 80+ metre long turbine blades from the chosen delivery port. We are proud to be involved in another renewable energy project.

Tamworth Mixed Use Development

The project proposed a significant redevelopment of several key sites within the Tamworth CBD to provide two residential towers that will accommodate lower-level commercial and retail tenancies. The car park and access arrangements for the project were made complicated by the unusual shape of the site generated by the amalgamation of smaller lots. We worked closely with the project team to provide an efficient and functional layout that met the requirements of Council and provided a swept path assessment. A Traffic Impact Assessment was prepared for the project which assessed the expected parking demand of the site which varied throughout the day due to the different uses, in order to maximise the allocation of car parking. We also undertook a review of the potential traffic impacts of the project.

Wanderer Music Festival

Wanderer is a new multi-day music festival which first operated in September 2022. The festival is held on farm land approximately 6.5 kilometres north of Merimbula and has a capacity of 14,000 patrons including 10,000 camping patrons. Amber prepared a Traffic Impact Assessment for the project which assessed the potential traffic impacts on the road network. We also provided a review of the proposed operation of the site to ensure patrons were able to access the site in a timely manner and to identify ways to encourage the use of the alternative transport options.

Hampton Mixed Use Development

Amber has provided traffic engineering services for a mixed use developed in Hampton that proposes to construct a ground floor café and residential apartments. Car parking is proposed within a car stacker system, and through our relationship with the car stacker companies and our experience with similar projects we have been able to deliver a compact car park layout to minimise the impact to the overall floor layout. The project also proposes a significant parking reduction which has been supported as part of our preparation of a Traffic Impact Assessment.

Keilor Showroom & Workshop

We have been able to assist our client to gain approval for a car showroom and workshop in Keilor. The development expands on the existing workshop on-site which created a number of challenging issues regarding car parking provision and design, and facilitating loading on-site for the different uses. Amber prepared a Traffic Impact Assessment and a Car Park Management Plan for the site to facilitate the operation of the development. Through consultation with Council we were able to achieve an innovative solution for our client in order to meet their operational needs.

Crows Nest Townhouses

We have completed our involvement in a large townhouse development in Crows Nest. We were involved in the early stages of the project to assist the architects and development team in determining a suitable design for the basement car park. We prepared swept path diagrams and a Traffic Impact Assessment to support the development application. We subsequently prepared a Construction Traffic Management Plan and a Compliance Assessment in order to address the conditions of the permit. We work on a wide range of residential projects and regularly prepare these reports.

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