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Car Park Layout Design

The best car park layout for any development will depend on the site footprint, amount of parking required and individual characteristics of the proposal. Developments may need to provide a range of spaces for different uses including loading, disabled parking, mobility spaces, buses/coaches, bicycles and motorcycles.

Our team have extensive experience in car park layout design including the following:

• Multi-level car parking buildings;
• Car stackers and other mechanical parking systems;
• Bicycle parking and end of trip facilities;
• Car lifts;
• Electric vehicle charging stations;
• Parking guidance systems; and
• Car share schemes.

We use computer software packages to assist with our assessment and prepare swept path diagrams for the vehicles which will be accessing the site. We can create custom vehicles within the computer models to assess a wide range of vehicle types.

We also provide design advice for basement access ramps to ensure ramp footprints are minimised while allowing a suitable level of access. We are equipped to provide specialist advice for complex ramp designs including flood bunds and curved ramps.

Car Parking Demand Assessments

Each Council sets out their own car parking requirements for various land uses. We assist our clients in determining the most appropriate amount of parking to provide on-site based on the statutory requirements, historical survey data of similar sites, and our extensive experience.

We utilise this information to prepare a Car Parking Demand Assessment which outlines the expected parking demand for the site and why the proposed supply and design of parking is acceptable. Our assessments are compiled into succinct reports that can be submitted as part of the planning application process.

Click the button below to read about some of the projects we’ve prepared parking assessments for, or contact us on 1800 022 363 for help with your next project.

Ringwood Childcare Centre

Amber Organisation assisted with the preparation of a Traffic Impact Assessment report for a proposed childcare centre in Ringwood. The project involved the consolidation of two lots and in order to provide suitable access, a bus stop and street tree were required to be relocated.

Amber were able to arrange an on-site meeting with state and local government officers to facilitate the necessary changes to the infrastructure to provide clarity and comfort to the project team.

McCall Gardens

The McCall Gardens subdivision proposes a mixture of low to high density residential and commercial land use. The subdivision is expected to accommodate approximately 1,205 dwellings on-site and included a substantial redevelopment of the existing Ross House Community Hub. Amber prepared Traffic Impact Assessment reports for the various stages of the subdivision which reviewed the potential traffic impacts of the project and the design of the road layout. We also provided an assessment of the proposal for the Ross House Community Hub including the preparation of swept path diagrams for the car park layout, a review of the access and parking design against the requirements of the Australian Standards, and a review of the parking provision for the various uses.

Oran Park Subdivision

Amber Organisation has recently completed a number of Traffic Impact Assessments for various residential developments within the Oran Park growth area. We regularly prepare traffic reports for subdivisions within the South West Growth Areas. Our assessments provide a review of the potential traffic impacts of the project including the use of traffic modelling software such as SIDRA. We also provide advice on the road layouts to ensure streets and walking and cycling facilities connect with the wider area, as well as a review of the road design itself to ensure vehicles can safely and efficiently travel within the site.

Land and Housing Corporation

LAHC is working to redevelop and transform the former Claymore and Airds Bradbury social housing estates in Campbelltown. Amber has prepared a number of Traffic Impact Assessments within these concept plans, including an assessment of the various stages of the subdivision and assessments of individual seniors living buildings. The assessments require careful consideration of the changes to the surrounding transport network and active transport facilities to ensure the developments create a well-connected street network. We provide design advice and prepared swept path diagrams for the car park layouts to ensure they are suitably designed for the end user. We are proud to work on social housing projects supporting some of the most vulnerable people in our community.

Bespoke Car Park Design

The Amber team is often engaged to provide detailed traffic engineering advice for car parks within large residential dwellings. When money is not a barrier there are a wide range of options available to clients to improve their car park layout to meet their needs. This can include providing a hidden parking area via car stackers, the provision of a turntable so vehicles don’t need to manually turn around, or providing a car lift system to remove the need for a basement ramp. Our designs tailor the overall layout to meet the specific vehicles of our clients which can include sports performance vehicles which often have scraping issues when entering or exiting parking areas. Our technology allows us to check the car park as part of our design review to ensure all vehicles expected to access the site can do so in a comfortable manner.

Tamworth Mixed Use Development

The project proposed a significant redevelopment of several key sites within the Tamworth CBD to provide two residential towers that will accommodate lower-level commercial and retail tenancies. The car park and access arrangements for the project were made complicated by the unusual shape of the site generated by the amalgamation of smaller lots. We worked closely with the project team to provide an efficient and functional layout that met the requirements of Council and provided a swept path assessment. A Traffic Impact Assessment was prepared for the project which assessed the expected parking demand of the site which varied throughout the day due to the different uses, in order to maximise the allocation of car parking. We also undertook a review of the potential traffic impacts of the project.

Kallista Service Station

We provided expert witness services for a service station in Kallista. The project involved the re-establishment of a disused service station in the village centre which would also provide a convenience store. Our assessment involved a review of the site layout to ensure vehicles could suitably manoeuvre through the site and implemented changes following submission from local residents. We also provided a review of the traffic impacts of the service station on the operation of the surrounding road network.

Wagga Wagga Place of Worship

We have prepared a Traffic Impact Assessment for a 100 patron place of worship in Wagga Wagga. The primary challenge with these projects is providing sufficient car parking to accommodate the typical parking demand for the proposed use. We worked closely with our client to determine what a suitable level of car parking would be based on survey information collected from similar sites they operate. We also provided a review of key religious holidays that generate more patrons and any potential off-site parking impacts. Our assessment included a design review of the car parking area which was checked against the Development Control Plan and Australian Standards, and a swept path assessment was prepared.

Dandenong Function Centre

We have been involved in a number of function centres, including this project in Dandenong South. Amber was engaged to provide a Traffic Impact Assessment to significantly increase the patron capacity at the centre. Through detailed parking and interview surveys at the site we were able to almost double the permitted number of patrons by better utilising the parking availability on-site and within the surrounding area.

Crows Nest Townhouses

We have completed our involvement in a large townhouse development in Crows Nest. We were involved in the early stages of the project to assist the architects and development team in determining a suitable design for the basement car park. We prepared swept path diagrams and a Traffic Impact Assessment to support the development application. We subsequently prepared a Construction Traffic Management Plan and a Compliance Assessment in order to address the conditions of the permit. We work on a wide range of residential projects and regularly prepare these reports.

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