We are traffic engineers and transportation planners. We are passionate about helping our clients achieve their goals. At Amber, we believe in the process of working with a wider team and interacting with the relevant disciplines to get the best overall outcome possible.

What We Do

Traffic Engineering

Traffic engineering focuses on the infrastructure and systems that provide for the movement of people and goods easily, efficiently, safely and sustainably.

Our Promise

We have always been a firm believer in operating with the following in mind:

  • Being contactable and providing timely advice.
  • Liaising effectively with road authorities to keep projects moving forward.
  • Providing robust arguments within reports that are backed up by factual information.

Services we offer

Traffic Assessments

We specialise in preparing Traffic Impact Assessments to support development applications, reviewing the traffic and transport implications of a wide variety of projects.

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Parking Requirement and Design

We assist our clients in determining the most appropriate amount of parking to provide on-site, and provide design advice to ensure the site parking is maximised.

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Intersection Modelling

The models play a key role in informing decisions and our understanding of issues, by predicting how intersections and roadways will operate due to changes in the road network.

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Expert Witness

Developments occasionally end up in court in order to determine whether a planning permit should be issued. We have experience representing our clients in order to help them get approval.

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The traffic and transport industry is currently going through a period of serious disruption, with the use of technology to make motorists lives easier, to accommodate more parking in a smaller location, and to move away from fossil fuels. We strive to keep ahead of the change to ensure our advice is relevant and the best approach is being taken.
We always design with safety and efficiency in mind, and provide on-time traffic and transportation services to both the private and public sector on a wide range of projects.

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