Warehouses, storage facilities, and industrial projects can accommodate a wide range of end users. Smaller warehouses can often be used by individuals for storage whereas large warehouses can potentially accommodate heavy machinery or logistic hubs. In order to determine the parking requirement for the different scale and operation of the sites we utilise a first principles approach to prepare a Car Parking Demand Assessment get permits for our clients. We also have an extensive database of similar uses that can be utilised to estimate the future traffic generation and parking demand.

Our car parking design team is able to review the loading arrangements for each site to ensure the loading dock and accesses are designed to accommodate the largest design vehicle whilst minimising spatial requirements. We use swept path assessment software and can provide assessment of specific design vehicles to customise our design approach. 

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Huntlee Self-Storage Unit

Our team prepared a Traffic Impact Assessment for the large self-storage unit in Huntlee. We utilised our existing survey data for similar developments and worked with our client to determine a suitable parking provision for the site. We prepared swept path diagrams and reviewed the access arrangements for the development to ensure vehicles are able to safely enter and exit the site and access the loading areas.

Hallam South Warehouse

We prepared a Traffic Impact Assessment for a large warehouse in Hallam South. The access for the project was assessed against the turn treatments of the Austroads Guide which were subsequently unable to be provided due to the constraints of the existing road network. Through our liaising with Department of Transport we were able to prepare a functional layout plan that still provides a safe road environment and worked with our partners to provide a Road Safety Audit.

Williamstown North Warehouses

Amber has completed a number of warehouse developments within a new industrial subdivision located in Williamstown North. Through our collection of data for similar developments we understand that the warehouse parking rates outlined within the Planning Scheme are overly onerous for smaller warehouse tenancies. We have extensive experience throughout Victoria justifying a reduction in the Planning Scheme parking requirements. We also understand the heavy vehicle requirements for these projects and can assist in designing the loading areas to reduce the truck manoeuvre area, increasing your building footprint.

Industrial Subdivision

The West Dapto area within Wollongong is going through a period of significant growth. We have prepared a number of Traffic Impact Assessments in the area including an industrial project which proposes to provide 12 hectares of large format warehouse space. The site is ideally located near Princes Highway and our team were involved in conducting a traffic modelling exercise using SIDRA to determine the required upgrades to the road network. As part of this project we also provided a review of road network to ensure it caters for all road users and complies with the requirements of the Development Control Plan.

Keilor Showroom & Workshop

We have been able to assist our client to gain approval for a car showroom and workshop in Keilor. The development expands on the existing workshop on-site which created a number of challenging issues regarding car parking provision and design, and facilitating loading on-site for the different uses. Amber prepared a Traffic Impact Assessment and a Car Park Management Plan for the site to facilitate the operation of the development. Through consultation with Council we were able to achieve an innovative solution for our client in order to meet their operational needs.

Wagga Wagga Aluminium Recycling Centre

Our client has undertaken a feasibility study of the potential to provide an aluminium can manufacturing facility near Wagga Wagga. The project aims to reduce the impacts of transporting aluminium from overseas by using local resources. Our task was to provide a logistics assessment to determine the expected cost of transporting the raw and finished material around Australia to assist in determining whether the project was viable. We have a wide client base in renewable and sustainable projects and enjoy working towards a net zero Australia.

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