Intersection Modelling

Modelling helps predict how intersections and roadways will operate due to changes in the road environment and plays a key role in the decision-making process for road authorities.

Intersection models can estimate important metrics such as how much traffic a new road will carry, what the possible impacts of changing and developing land uses are, whether an intersection performs better as a roundabout or traffic signals, and a variety of other factors. These concepts underpin crucial areas of traffic engineering and transportation planning including the economic justification for major projects and the planning permit application process.

We are highly experienced in developing models across a range of different software platforms and using the data to inform large traffic studies and potential road upgrades. We regularly utilise SIDRA intersection modelling software to assess individual intersections for smaller projects as well as analysing road networks for larger projects. For more complex projects we can provide broader microsimulation modelling services which are supported by SIDRA intersection analysis.

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Tarneit Marketplace

Amber prepared a Traffic Impact Assessment for the Tarneit Marketplace which involves the construction of a local shopping centre within the new subdivision in Riverdale. The centre provides a supermarket and a mixture of retail and office tenancies. Amber prepared a design assessment and associated swept path diagrams, determined the parking demand of the site, and reviewed the traffic impacts of the proposal. We pride ourselves in working with the overall project team to achieve a great design outcome.

Dubbo Mixed Use Subdivision

Amber has completed a Traffic Impact Assessment report for the proposed mixed use subdivision adjacent to Narromine Road in Dubbo. The project represents a significant addition to the Dubbo township, proposing approximately 2,000 residential lots, 40 hectares of industrial and commercial land, and a new shopping centre. The Traffic Report provided a traffic modelling assessment using SIDRA to determine the traffic impacts of the project on the surrounding road network and the required road upgrades and intersection treatments. We worked closely with the relevant disciplines in the team to ensure the subdivision is designed sustainably to allow for alternative transport modes. The report is to be used to support the masterplan and a range of Planning Proposals and Development Applications for the various stages.

Oran Park Subdivision

Amber Organisation has recently completed a number of Traffic Impact Assessments for various residential developments within the Oran Park growth area. We regularly prepare traffic reports for subdivisions within the South West Growth Areas. Our assessments provide a review of the potential traffic impacts of the project including the use of traffic modelling software such as SIDRA. We also provide advice on the road layouts to ensure streets and walking and cycling facilities connect with the wider area, as well as a review of the road design itself to ensure vehicles can safely and efficiently travel within the site.

Ringwood Childcare Centre

Amber Organisation assisted with the preparation of a Traffic Impact Assessment report for a proposed childcare centre in Ringwood. The project involved the consolidation of two lots and in order to provide suitable access, a bus stop and street tree were required to be relocated.

Amber were able to arrange an on-site meeting with state and local government officers to facilitate the necessary changes to the infrastructure to provide clarity and comfort to the project team.

Hampton Mixed Use Development

Amber has provided traffic engineering services for a mixed use developed in Hampton that proposes to construct a ground floor café and residential apartments. Car parking is proposed within a car stacker system, and through our relationship with the car stacker companies and our experience with similar projects we have been able to deliver a compact car park layout to minimise the impact to the overall floor layout. The project also proposes a significant parking reduction which has been supported as part of our preparation of a Traffic Impact Assessment.

Williamstown North Warehouses

Amber has completed a number of warehouse developments within a new industrial subdivision located in Williamstown North. Through our collection of data for similar developments we understand that the warehouse parking rates outlined within the Planning Scheme are overly onerous for smaller warehouse tenancies. We have extensive experience throughout Victoria justifying a reduction in the Planning Scheme parking requirements. We also understand the heavy vehicle requirements for these projects and can assist in designing the loading areas to reduce the truck manoeuvre area, increasing your building footprint.

Hallam South Warehouse

We prepared a Traffic Impact Assessment for a large warehouse in Hallam South. The access for the project was assessed against the turn treatments of the Austroads Guide which were subsequently unable to be provided due to the constraints of the existing road network. Through our liaising with Department of Transport we were able to prepare a functional layout plan that still provides a safe road environment and worked with our partners to provide a Road Safety Audit.

Dubbo Firming Power Station

The Dubbo Firming Power Station is a dual fuel 64MW power plant and up to 20MW hydrogen electrolysis plant. Amber prepared a Traffic Impact Assessment report respond to SEARs and support the projects development the TIA focused on ensuring safe access to the site by identifying and avoiding existing road safety issues.

Wagga Wagga Place of Worship

We have prepared a Traffic Impact Assessment for a 100 patron place of worship in Wagga Wagga. The primary challenge with these projects is providing sufficient car parking to accommodate the typical parking demand for the proposed use. We worked closely with our client to determine what a suitable level of car parking would be based on survey information collected from similar sites they operate. We also provided a review of key religious holidays that generate more patrons and any potential off-site parking impacts. Our assessment included a design review of the car parking area which was checked against the Development Control Plan and Australian Standards, and a swept path assessment was prepared.

Viewbank Childcare Centre

Amber has completed a Traffic Impact Assessment report for the childcare centre in Viewbank which is expected to accommodate 128 children. The project proposes to accommodate all car parking within a basement level. We provided design advice and a swept path assessment to ensure the car park is suitably design in accordance with the Planning Scheme. Childcare centres are often accessed via large vehicles associated with parents and need to be provided with additional space to ensure they are useable and provide a safe environment.

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