Flexible Working – The New Normal

13 Jan, 2023
Amber Organisation was established to create a lifestyle company that allowed our team to work how and where they wanted. This could mean working from different locations, at different times, and the ability to work reduced hours if required. Following the pandemic this approach now largely seems to be the new normal as we continue to improve the work life balance of our team and be at the forefront of this movement.

Many years ago now I spent 6 months travelling through North and Central America whilst working remotely. At the time when I proposed the idea to the company I worked for it seemed like a foreign and potentially risky proposal with very few people evening working from home. Afterall, we were all provided with desktop computers which couldn’t be put in a backpack and taken home with us. Luckily for me they agreed, bought me a laptop, and sent me off on my adventure hoping that the good performance and work ethic I had displayed in the office would be continued abroad.

The next 6 months working remotely would forever change my working career as I realised that there was a level of flexibility and freedom that could come from working as a traffic engineer. The industry had changed from when I first started, having to draw the designs in pencil, and having to lodge applications in person. It was a whole new world and from then on I was also determined to show other people what alternative working opportunities were available.

Soon after I decided to start Amber Organisation. My main goal was to create a lifestyle company that allowed our team to work how they wanted. This could mean working from different locations, at different times, and the ability to work reduced hours if required. Along with the flexible working arrangement I also wanted to allow people to work on the projects they wanted and to establish their dream career rather than putting them into a specific position. I also established a lifestyle allowance for all staff to help fund their hobbies and to encourage them to pursue other activities outside of work.

Following the pandemic this approach now largely seems to be the norm and whilst it may seem like this revolutionary idea is now standard I still make it my mission to help our team achieve their lifestyle goals. The benefit of the pandemic is that virtual meetings are now normal and clients don’t expect everyone to be at their desk 9am-5pm making this working arrangement even easier.

Working flexible arrangements is not always easy and we understand that. We are often working at different times to balance other commitments such as families, hobbies, or holidays. However, we believe that if we work closely as a team and help each other then this way of life can be achieved by all of us.

We provide a diverse and inclusive work environment and offer many personal and professional development opportunities that are aimed to help our team deliver their best self to the role whilst managing their personal life in balance. I’m proud of what we have achieved so far, and will continue to work with our team to ensure we provide a supportive work environment for however staff want to lead their lives.

If this type of work environment sounds like something you would like to pursue, and you have a background in traffic engineering and/or transportation planning, we would love to hear from you.

Written by Mike Willson - Director, Founder

Written by Mike Willson - Director, Founder

I have always enjoyed the challenges associated with Traffic Engineering. I’m passionate about seeing a well-designed project approved and ultimately built, and completed, knowing the end product has been well thought out and operates in a practical, effective manner for the end user. There is no doubt that there are huge changes currently occurring in transportation, including autonomous or electric vehicles, and the development of Smart Cities. I pride myself in being able to achieve creative and cost effective, practical solutions, through the use of my strong technical knowledge and the understanding that we are currently in the midst of a significant phase shift in technology. Through the progression of my career I have gained extensive experience in the private sector which has allowed me to develop a detailed understanding of the commercial practicalities associated with developments of all sizes and nature. From this I have been able to focus myself as a leader in Traffic Assessment and Impact Studies and presenting as an Expert Witness. I’m lucky enough to work in a high functioning team with talented people bringing a range of skill sets together, which makes for a great working environment and ultimately results in us being able to provide quality service and a great end product for our clients. As the founder of Amber Organisation I believe in creating a fun, constructive, and productive environment for all team members, in order to help them achieve their goals and experience success and satisfaction. I believe that the ability to help people to achieve their goals in a creative environment is imperative to not only someone’s success, but also to the product that the company produces, and I feel privileged to be able to provide and work in such an environment.
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